Steve the CEO facilitates your Input Session, listening hard for bias, prioritizing your criteria; pushing back against "lazy thinking," setting expectations for superior outcomes with cross-functional teams.

Steve the Intern knows which café

has the best coffee, where to score

the best scone & the lyrics to every song,

but doesn’t know his own birthday; sloppy thinker, good napper, a natural born namer.

Stevie the VP of Administration & Human Resources is our indispensable Chief People Officer; good listener, detail oriented, smart; handles office logistics, see's opportunities that others don't; has never taken a day off.

home of the 9-letter novel & the 6-syllable saga

Steve the Finance Director is responsible for taxes, insurance, operations & payroll; secures PO’s, sends invoices, pays bills, deposits checks, arranges international bank wire transfers; tracks down deadbeats.

Steve the Legal Director conducts intellectual property pre-screens for international trademark availability including search-engine optimization as well as due diligence for top-level-domain availability and/or acquisition.

Brand Name Team

Steve the Director of Business Development rustles up our new business, takes you to lunch, frames your scope-of-work; writes your Letter-Of-Agreement, handles your

New Vendor On-Boarding, giddy-up!

Steve the Namer ideates profusely against approved themes & motifs, going beyond the predictable in pursuit of brilliant-but-non-obvious ideas; in naming it isn’t enough to be creative, he must be original.

Steve the Account Supervisor is the point-man for the decide-team, directing the shortlist evaluation of name candidates for suitability, pronounceability, memorability, marketing potential & fit-to-concept.

Steve the VP Client Services moderates List Review Sessions to reprise research & craft rationale for the solution-set; brokers the highly consequential conversation to parse, debate then agree the final name.

Steve the Director of Strategic Planning

loves market research & field audits, turns raw data into keen insights; develops the amazing Naming Creative Brief Worksheet that recalibrates your comfort zone.