Steve the CEO facilitates your Input Session  listening hard to prioritize criteria; pushes back against "lazy thinking," sets expectations for superior outcomes with cross-functional teams

Steve the Legal Director preforms legal pre-screens for trademark availability & conducts due diligence for top-level-domain & search-engine optimization

Steve the Director of Business Development takes you to lunch, frames your scope-of-work; writes your Letter-Of-Agreement

Steve the Finance Director is

responsible for tax compliance;

 secures purchase orders, sends

invoices & deposits checks

Steve the Director of Strategic Planning

handles market research, conducts audits,

transforms data into insights; writes one

hell of a Naming Creative Brief Worksheet

Steve the VP Client Services moderates

List Review Sessions to reprise research

& craft rationale for the consideration set;

brokers the conversation to agree a name

Brand Name Team


Steve the Namer ideates profusely against approved themes & motifs; pushing past the predictable in pursuit or brilliant-but-not-obvious ideas

home of the 9-letter novel & the 6-syllable saga

Steve the Account Manager directs

the shortlisting evaluation of name candidates for marketing potential,

memorability & fit-to-concept